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Original Equipment Manufacturers
Manufacturing Services for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Hawk Machine Works can provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a complete supply chain solution. Our entire company history and expertise evolved around providing supply chain solutions for OEMs within various industrial & commercial sectors. Our unique experience includes working with start-ups through early prototypes, small production runs, and eventually, into large-scale production. Hawk Machine Works’ expertise also extends to working with established companies to diversify and, in some cases, consolidate their supply chains.

OEMs of commercial and industrial equipment and machinery share many similarities in their supply chain and manufacturing needs, despite serving different industries. Although the scale of operations and demand is not as vast as consumer markets, these OEMs rely on a diverse and robust supply chain to help them with buying, manufacturing, and logistics.

Whether an OEM is an established organization looking to diversify its supply chain or a start-up looking to ramp-up production, Hawk Machine Works has the experience and flexibility needed to provide a custom, turnkey procurement and manufacturing solution. Hawk’s network of manufacturing companies provide us with the resources to rapidly deploy and scale the necessary infrastructure to help ensure our OEM client’s success. Hawk Machine Works is the trusted solution provider for any OEM.

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