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Electrical power generation & Transmission
Manufacturing Services of Parts and Components for Electric Power Generation & Transmission

One of Hawk Machine Works’ earliest experiences was manufacturing ground rods for the power transmission industry over 20 years ago. Through our customers, distributors of power transmission parts and products, contractors, and utilities companies, Hawk Machine Works has gained valuable experience and capabilities within the electrical power generation and transmission industries. 

The complexity and scale of the utilities sector is driven by the magnitude and demand for electric power. Therefore, supply chain managers and procurement specialists must source highly repetitive parts from the lowest cost suppliers. Critical and technologically complex components need to have quality of material and manufacturing as the top priority. 

Hawk Machine Works has the experience, capabilities, and versatility to manufacture both high-volume and cost-effective parts, as well as more complex components. 

CNC Electrical Services

The following are examples of parts and components that Hawk Machine Works can manufacture for the electric power generation & transmission industries:


  • Conveyer Parts
  • Friction Plates
  • Clutches
  • Belt Plates
  • Pullies & Shivs


  • Ground Rods – Copper Galvanized Carbon Steel
  • Couplers

Green Energy

  • Turbine Assemblies
  • Belt Plates
  • Clutches
  • Friction Plates