Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions

How Hawk’s Turnkey Program Benefits Manufacturers

Hawk Machine Works (HMW) brings more than 20 years of experience as a CNC machining and turnkey solution for manufacturers of various industries. Whether companies are looking to either start, scale, outsource, or reshore their manufacturing operations, Hawk Machine has the experience, capabilities, and resources to handle both large production runs or in a custom manufacturing and supply chain solution.

Hawk works with you to diversify or even consolidate your supply chain. We can take over the entire manufacturing process from assisting with product design to material and parts procurement to manufacturing to product storage and delivery. We work with new companies from the design stage to prototyping right through to mass production. We also work with established companies to help grow their product offering, refine their manufacturing process, and deliver high-quality products.

Summary of OEM Benefits
  • Assistance with the product design and revision process
  • Help with prototype development
  • Access to our trusted and vetted network of vendors, suppliers, and fabrication network
  • Guarantee to meet OEM specific design and quality specifications
  • Consolidate or diversify OEM supply chain management and material procurement
  • Expert CNC machining facility capable of prototyping and mass production runs
  • Branding and storage of your product line
  • Dropshipping service directly to your client’s door
Case Study Example
In 2010, a manufacturer of downhole tools approached HMW
R&D and taking new fracking technology to market
Prototyping and small production runs to optimize efficiency and quality
Joint investment in new production line, storage yard, and assembly facility
In 10 years, over 400,000 components machined with zero onsite failures