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Precision Manufactured Ground Rods & Couplers

Use Hawk’s precision-manufactured ground rods to protect people and equipment from an electrical surge or system fault. Use our ground rod couplers to extend a ground rod’s length to ensure consistent conductivity throughout your grounding system. You can order our ground rods as plain A36/44W steel or with a galvanized coating. The galvanized zinc coating increases ground rod longevity. The zink coating helps to protect the steel from rusting. Priced competitively with quick delivery, Hawk ground rods provide your electrical system with a secure ground to earth.

What is Electrical Grounding?

Hawk Machine Works’ ground rods and couplers electrically ground an electrical system to the earth. The physical and conductive connection from the electrical system to the earth dissipates excess current. Grounding provides an alternate path for electricity to flow to when an electrical system surges or is overcharged. An electrical system surge can happen if there is a fault in an electrical system, if there is a close proximity lightning strike, or if excessive current is applied to an electrical system in some other manner.

What Do Grounding Rods Do?

Grounding rods protect electrical systems in a variety of ways. They minimized electrical interference. Ground rods also help eliminate static electric build-up and discharge, which could damage electrical components. Ground rods also protect people from electrical shock. A static electric discharge from an ungrounded electrical system can result in a spark. A spark near gasoline, natural gas, propane or other flammable and combustible materials.

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