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Quality Assurance Program
Quality Assurance Program

Precision machining demands an integrated quality control system. Each stage of the manufacturing process is controlled by meticulous documentation providing standard flow of information. Our quality assurance team ensures OEM parts meet or exceed our OEM client’s quality requirements. Our quality assurance team tracks materials from receiving to in-process to final inspectionTo serve you best, Hawk Machine Works employs a fulltime quality assurance manager. They work with our quality team to ensure that we meet our goal of having all machined parts delivered in compliance, on time, the first time! 

This level of quality assurance is central to meeting ISO 9001:2015 compliance requirements. Hawk’s fully developed quality system has the tools to meet your specific compliance demands. Whether you need to comply with corporate benchmarks, industry standards, customer demands or regulatory guidelines, Hawk guarantees complete compliance. 

Commitment to Continuous Quality, Manufacturing CNC and Product Improvement 

Hawk Machine Works is committed to continuous quality and product improvement. We use the latest in CNC machining technology to provide our OEM clients with the finest products possible. Hawk tests our OEM client’s products to ensure quality, durability, and functionality. We also use programs and systems to regulate our record-keeping and equipment, including E2 and Hubspot.