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Utilizing our CNC lathes and milling centers, our talented group of machinists are able to produce high precision parts in quantities ranging from prototype "one-offs" to thousands in a production run.

Quality Assurance:
Precision machining demands an integrated quality control system. Each stage of manufacturing is controlled by a standard flow of information. From material receiving to in-process and final inspection, our quality system team ensures your parts meet or exceed all requirements. In order to serve you best, Hawk Machine Works Ltd. employs a full-time Quality Assurance Manager whose goal is to have all machined parts delivered in compliance the first time and on time.

Hawk Machines Works Ltd. ensures consistent quality in your products, giving you the real-time trends and statistics to control quality levels, while optimizing performance and meeting demands. This level of quality control is central to meeting your ISO compliance requirements. Whether you need to comply with corporate benchmarks, industry standards, customer demands or regulatory guidelines, our systems have the information and the tools to meet your specific compliance demands.

The Quality department is completely tooled with state of the art technology including a Mitutoyo LH 600 electronic height gauge on a 6 foot granite table and a Mitutoyo PH3500 Optical Comparator used to check and make sure your tool threads are always done to specifications every time.

Hawk Machine Works Ltd. produces a range of precision machined metal products. Some of our products are:

MWD (Measurement While Drilling) Products
LWD (Logging While Drilling) Products
Fracking industry products

“One stop shop” – starting directly from your design and evolving into assembly, testing and product distribution to any desired location. In summary, we will fully manage the project with your satisfaction as the end goal!

We provide bucking and torqueing services. Let us take care of all your bucking needs with machine capabilities of 7 5/8” OD and torque ratings up to 8,000 ft-lbs.

We offer Services in the following industries:

Oilfield Services
Gas Field Services
Gas Compression
Fracking Services
Automotive Machining
Electrical Power Distribution
Agriculture Equipment
Agriculture Machinery

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